Interstella Astronaut T-Shirt

Posted on 09. Dec, 2009 by in Design by Humans

The Interstella Astronaut T-Shirt is one of the new awesome weekly designs at Design by Humans .


Artist Description:

Raw graffiti style Astronaut playing golf. Colour could be applied with specially inks. For Lighter Tees.

Price: $19

Product Type:

Extra Soft, Oversized Front Print.

Shirt Color:

DBH Perfect Tee

DBH Perfect Tee

Buy this Interstella Astronaut T-Shirt at Design by Humans or let us know what you think of the design as a comment on our blog.

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Design by Humans

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    Interstella Astronaut T-Shirt – Design by Humans T-Shirt Review
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    Interstella Astronaut T-Shirt – Design by Humans T-Shirt Review
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    Interstella Astronaut T-Shirt – Design by Humans T-Shirt Review

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