2nd place in Derby #125: Birds, with 829 votes! T-Shirt

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2nd place in Derby #125: Birds, with 829 votes!

The 2nd place in Derby #125: Birds, with 829 votes! T-Shirt is the daily shirt at Shirt.Woot.

Artist: patrickspens


Condition: Denied

Product: American Apparel – 1 Royal Blue Woot Tee


Description: Stupid penguins and their Morgan Freedman-voiced documentary. They get one widely acclaimed film about their “adventure” and suddenly they think they’re running the show. News flash: It’s not an adventure, it’s just how they live! That’s what they do! They aren’t being brave or courageous. THAT’S JUST HOW THEY ROLL. Now they’ve got all got big heads about being on film and such. Yeah, well, I’ve got a cousin who’s been on television, but you don’t see me getting all hoidy-toidy about it. A little show called “Lost”. MAYBE YOU’VE HEARD OF IT? Jeez, you can’t do anything on the glacier with those little uppity jerks and their signs ruining all the fun. No penguin bowling. No penguin juggling. No playfully tossing penguins to the sea lions. And don’t even think about actually eating one anymore. Not unless you know a good lawyer, anyway. I’ll show them. Once my cousin gets my script treatment for “Polar Bear Hero vs. The Penguins of Death” into the hands of J. J. Abrams, we’ll see who comes out on top. Wear this shirt: to your next Linux Club meeting. Don’t wear this shirt: to the Antarctic. Well, not just this. At least dress in layers. This shirt tells the world: “Fine then. FINE. I’m taking my ball and going home!” We call this color: Spare the Strike Royal Blue

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