It’s a little known fact. T-Shirt

It’s a little known fact.

The It’s a little known fact. T-Shirt is the daily shirt at Shirt.Woot.

Artist: Tomas De Santis


Condition: 55378@@8

Product: American Apparel – 1 Grass Woot Tee


Description: Just as geometry was invented so Egyptians could measure their fields so that the aliens would have room to land, so too was the computer created by shepherds. In fact, the very first mainframe was created in a small Greek pasture, totally by accident, in an attempt to move an entire herd through a small half-open gate. Yes, no, yes, no, yes, and suddenly there was a giant C: prompt hovering in the air. Of course, everyone ran in fear, and the chaotic sheep ruined the orderly information rhythm and the C: prompt vanished immediately, but for just a second, they’d proved it could be done. Careful studies over the years introduced the field of termination analysis, which admittedly seems crazy at first, but ultimately proves to be very clever. And now, computer theorists fully understand that a proper mix of sheep and foxes allow one to make almost anything out of numbers. Of course, there are always a few unforeseen errors that may crop up here and there. But that’s just part of life. Wear this shirt: to a police interrogation. Then you can say “You’ve got mutton on me, copper!” Don’t wear this shirt: to go fox hunting. There’s a dress code, hippie. This shirt tells the world: “Yes, sir, yes, sir.” We call this color: Three Bags Of Grass

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This shirt tells the world:

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