Flag On The Field Of Battle T-Shirt

Posted on 13. Mar, 2013 by in Split Reason

The Flag On The Field Of Battle T-Shirt is now offered at splitreason.com.

Price: $19.95 USD

Description: On the field of Chaos, only IGN is left. Also some leaves.

All of our shirts are 100% cotton, soft as a Wookiee, and enchanted with a +5 resistance to being naked. They’re crew neck, pre-shrunk, and tested by the IGN staff, Don’t worry, the ones you get haven’t been worn by us. Just because we play with your games before you do doesn’t mean we’d do the same to your clothes.

Buy this Flag On The Field Of Battle T-Shirt at splitreason.com.or let us know what you think of the design as a comment on our blog.

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