First Amendment T-Shirts Review

I received a shirt from Fat-Tee, AKA First Amendment Tees. They have quite a variety of t-shirt design with no real clear theme which can be fun when picking out a shirt. Here is the shirt I picked called Byzantine Eagle. I like it because it was kind of subtle and was going to blend into the shirt. You can see the shirt below.


The shirt I received was a bit off in the shirt color. As you can see their mockups are much darker which made the design pop a lot more on the shirt than what it looked like online. Doing mockups is always difficult to get the colors right when they aren’t real pictures and their are so many variations in lighting with the images and with different peoples monitors.


The shirt still looks good and was a good print you can check out a closeup below.


The shirt also came with a bunch of “extras” which included a beer koozie, a few cards and a bumper sticker.


Before they submitted the shirt for review I had never heard of Fat Tee but they they do have a nice selection of t-shirt designs. They also have a tool to design your own t-shirt. So spend a few minutes to design your own shirt or check out the full offering at First Amendment T-shirts.

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