Magnet Apparel T-Shirt Review

We received a shirt from Magnet apparel called Chicks Dig Me.  This is probably one of the most “Branded” shirts I have reviewed with neck label, branded t-shirt design, sewn in brand info on the bottom seam, and multiple hang tags. Here is the shirt below. It is not a shirt I would wear but I am sure there is an audience somewhere who is into the bold flirty type shirt.


Here is a closeup


The custom printed neck label included the all the standard information as well as detailed care instructions and also included a follow us @magnetapparel.


The t-shirt featured a two double sided hang tags. One described the brand as well as provided links to all of the places they can be found online.

IMG_6271 IMG_6270

The second hang tag encourages the customer to “Activate” their magnet profile. What it does is that it lets you store your contact information in the QR code that is on the t-shirt if you go online and enter your information provided on the back of the card. After you enter all your information online you can then have people you meet scan the QR code to get access to all the contact information you provided in your magnet profile.

The site currently lets you enter the following social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Blog URL, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, LinkedIn, Skype, Google+, Blogger, Delicious, Foursquare, Meetup, Myspace, AIM, Yahoo, Stumbleupon, Vimeo, Picasa, and Instagram, so yea a lot.

Here is the QR code that others can scan to get your contact information and view your profile.


When you scan the QR code you get a view of someones profile and links to the things they have entered.



So I like the idea of connecting people through clothing and the easy ability to scan to get folks info. However it is difficult because most folks have apps to share contact info on their phone that don’t require wearing special clothing every time you go out in order to be able to share contact info. I would have liked to have seen more rewards or gameification for getting people to scan your profile otherwise I don’t see it getting used a lot. You really need to get the person wearing it to want to push others to scan it rather than using some other way to exchange contact information. “Magnet” is a nice logo but I am not a huge fan of branded clothes. I would prefer to see a cool design on the shirt with a small logo but still retain the QR code component. Or maybe do more to incorporate the QR code into the design along with flirty designs that encourage people to scan your profile. You can check out their shirts below.



What do you think of the t-shirt designs and the QR code concept on clothing? Let us know as a comment below.

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