SK Tees T-Shirt Review

I received a t-shirt from Sk Tees is a contest type t-shirt site that allows folks to submit designs and have them voted on. Each “user” gets one vote per account but it unclear how many votes it takes for someone to win and whether the votes alone determine the winner.  However the winner is really determined,  winning designs are screenprinted and put for sale on the site.  The winning artist will be paid $200 in cash up front for the design, or $400 in scholarship money, and then $1.00 for each t-shirt sold after the initial print of 144 shirts.

Below you can find the Space Koi t-shirt I was ordered


and here it is on my torso.


Here is a closeup of the design. The print was okay but a little not fantastic largely because the design itself is a bit muddled and blurry. I think it was more the designs fault than the actual print.


The brand of was present in various places that included the arm.


They also had a custom label in the neck of the shirt.


The site is based on art submissions but doesn’t really highlight the artist much. On the product purchase page there was no reference to the artist who won a contest with their design. It would be nice to add the artist name on the website and since they are already doing custom heat press labels it would be great if they put the name of the artist to give them extra props.

Overall the site has a variety of t-shirt designs and its success will rely upon the continued submissions of artists who can design shirts folks want to purchase. Check out SKtees, submit a shirt design, vote for your favorite t-shirt design, or shop the t-shirts available for purchase.

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