Upperatus Charity T-Shirt Review

I received a t-shirt from Upperatus but unfortunately didn’t get to post about the shirt at the same time that promotion was going on. But I still wanted to share my experience and talk about the site in general.

It was great to see a t-shirt that arrived in a recyclable or compostable bag since many come in poly bags that can’t be recycled and pretty much never decompose.


The shirt itself however was in a plastic bag. I know that some brands like to do this because it makes it look more retail quality but it really isn’t needed because the shipping packaging will protect the shirt without having to double bag it.


The shirt itself was nice, though my not good for my muffin top. It is a textured thermal type shirt with a very slim fit made out of cotton and polyester.


Here you can see the print and the texture of the shirt itself.


They printed their own label on the inside of the neck with care instructions and included info how it is a limited edition. All of Upperatus shirts are 100% made int he USA and sweatshirt free as well as made from organic cotton.


About Upperatus, the concept is that each month a different charity will offer a limited edition print that will only be sold that month. A portion of the sales goes to the charity. This concept is a good one and was made successful by sevenly.org who has raised almost $2 million for different charities. I am sure there is room for multiple players in this field but I don’t think it will be easy. The most important part of this model is to create awesome looking t-shirts that people will buy. No one wants to buy the traditional t-shirt that they will end up only wearing to the gym.

Upperatus’ model is slightly different than Sevenly because they feature a different artist each month. There also seems to be a connection between a “star” (this month being Sea Wolf) and the charity. I suppose this is to use the “stars” fan base to help increase sales of products. If so this seems like a good idea if you can get “stars” each month. This is different than Sevenly’s approach which was to simply purchase Facebook groups to get instant access to fans.

As the site’s popularity grows they should be able to get better and better artists which will only increase their chances of more success each month, Go check out Upperatus and support a good cause today.

What do you think about Upperatus and the general model for selling t-shirts and raising money for charity?


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