Wrinkle in Time T-Shirt

Posted on 18. Mar, 2014 by in Mental Floss

The Wrinkle in Time T-Shirt is now offered at Mentalfloss.com.

Price: $27.99

Description: “I think that fantasy must possess the author and simply use him,” L’Engle said in an 1983 interview. “I know that is true of A Wrinkle in Time. I cannot possibly tell you how I came to write it. It was simply a book I had to write. I had no choice.” We’re thankful she did. From the 1962 first edition cover by Ellen Raskin. Cotton/poly fitted tee Distressed, softened print Color: indigo

Buy this Wrinkle in Time T-Shirt at Mentalfloss.com.or let us know what you think of the design as a comment on our blog.

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