#LetTimHost T-Shirt

The #LetTimHost T-Shirt is now offered at splitreason.com.

Price: $18.95 USD

Description: Throughout the pain-soaked tapestry of history, humanity has been defined by conflict. However, there has never been a greater, more impactful, struggle than that of IGN Producer, Tim Gettys. Ever since Tim was a wee tyke, he dreamed of overcoming all obstacles to host the Daily Fix. He’s taken the movement to Twitter in hashtag form but now he’s reached the next logical step: t-shirt form.

Come show your support of Tim by proudly wearing this shirt. Each shirt was inspected by Tim himself (not true) and if enough people wear it, his dream just might come true (probably also not true). Oh, and if you’re more of a hater, we also have a #DontLetTimHost shirt!

All of our shirts are 100% cotton, soft as a Wookiee, and enchanted with a +5 resistance to being naked. They’re crew neck, pre-shrunk, and tested by the IGN staff, Don’t worry, the ones you get haven’t been worn by us. Just because we play with your games before you do doesn’t mean we’d do the same to your clothes.

Buy this #LetTimHost T-Shirt at splitreason.com.or let us know what you think of the design as a comment on our blog.

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