Boombox trilogy T-Shirt

The Boombox trilogy T-Shirt is a new shirt design at

Description: *** NOW SOLD OUT *** The Oddica Boombox Trilogy is a Limited-Edition Boombox Extravaganza 3 T-shirts, 5 buttons, and a durable Messenger bag screenprinted with the Exploded Boombox design; only 63 sets will be produced, each with a numbered card. PICK THREE SHIRTS from the FOLLOWING FOUR CHOICES: Exploded Boombox by Troy Paiva These Waves Are Mine by Miguel Cervantes Boombox Spirits by Gary Gao Rock-Blockin’ Beats by Robert Gould(please indicate your 3 shirt choices in the COMMENTS field) Five Buttons (Exploded Boombox, Boombox Spirits, Boombox Geek, Rock-Blockin’ Beats, and These Waves Are Mine) All inside a Messenger/Laptop Bag screenprinted with the Exploded Boombox design in Silver.(Messenger bag is 600-denier polyester, with adjustable 2″ shoulder strap, adjustable clasp closure.) The price is $59. The shirts themselves are being produced in normal quantities and will be available individually at the current Oddica prices. Sizing Information Color: Type / Size: Quantity:

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