Umibozu T-Shirt

The Umibozu T-Shirt is one of the new awesome weekly designs at Design by Humans .


Artist Description:

My 10k submission is finally up! I’m hoping to bring a more rendered/painterly style to tee design. Hope you guys like it.

Black, blue and brown on white.
Or white, black and brown on blue.

Umibōzu (Japanese: 海坊主 sea bonze) is a spirit in Japanese folklore. The Umibōzu is said to live in the ocean and capsize the ship of anyone who dares speak to it. This spirit’s name, which combines the character for “sea” with the character of “Buddhist monk,” is possibly related to the fact that the Umibōzu is said to have a large, round head, resembling the shaven heads of Buddhist monks. Alternatively they are enormous Yokai (spectres) that appear to shipwreck victims and fishermen. They are believed to be drowned priests, and exhibit the shaven head and typically appears to be praying.

Price: $25

Product Type:

Extra Soft, All-over, Front Print.

Shirt Color:

DBH Perfect Tee

DBH Perfect Tee

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