Quints Shark Fishing Shirt T-Shirt

The Quints Shark Fishing Shirt T-Shirt is a new shirt design at 80sTees.com

Description: Looking for something fun to do while you’re visiting Amity Island during your summer vacation? Local fisherman Quint is now offering up shark fishing tours on his boat, the Orca. Provided you bring him a case of Narragansett Beer, ol’ Quint might even help you reel in a big one. Unfortunately, all charters have been placed on hold due to Quint taking Chief Brody and some guy from the Oceanographic Institute on an extended tour. At least you can still get his souvenir t-shirts until he gets back.

Shirt Type:

  • Color: Ice Gray
  • 100% Cotton
  • Standard Softness
  • Tagged
  • Distressed
  • True to Size
  • Price: $24.00

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